Get Started

To start you need to have Kodi installed on an android device. Follow along and it will be a breeze.

Jump to #5 if using android phone.

This is assuming a Firestick/Fire TV is being used:

In the Settings menu, click Device. This is where you can control your app installation permissions.

2. Click on Developer Options.
It should be the second option on the list.

3. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.
If this setting is off, click it once to turn it on.

There is also an outside possibility that installing third-party apps could cause your device to malfunction. If it does, simply factory-reset it and try a different installation. (If you’re willing to take the risk again, that is.)

4. Acquire the Downloader app.
There are multiple ways to install Kodi, but the simplest way is with the free Downloader app. You can find it in the Amazon Appstore.

5. Direct Downloader to the Kodi website.
The best URL to use is, but you can use other sources, if you prefer.


6. Select the Android app.
The Fire TV’s operating system is an Android branch, so the Kodi Android app will work just fine.

7. Choose the 32-bit installation.
In my experience, this version of the app works best with Fire TV devices, but you can try others if you want to experiment. Select 17.6 version

8. Click Install.
You can also use this screen to review Kodi’s permissions.

9. Click Install
Once Kodi is installed head over to the setup page.