Welcome to Turtles TV (TTV)

Turtles TV is here to you help you cut the cord. What does that mean? Its simple, you no longer pay cable, dish or other television providers. You do you need an internet connection and depending on how many devices are on the network, the internet speed is important. We recommend starting at minimum 100mb download.

We like to keep this simple as possible for everyone but be cautions the more you get familiar this the more addicting it can get. Because of this we have (2) two different setups:

Live TV, Movies, Networks (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.), sports, ppv in random quality. Its free so you get free quality.

Same as free but with HD quality up to 4K, Live TV with a TV Guide, Sports Pass to all sports, PPV events.

Premium consists of (2) different services:
Real Debrid – $10 est. for 3 months. This is for Movies, TV shows, Networks, etc.
Vader/Force 5 – $45 est for 3 months. This is for Live TV (HD Quality 720 and up), Sports Pass and PPV.

Totaling $55 for 3 months of service plus whatever your internet cost is.

So how do you get started??

You will need either one of the following:
Streaming device: Firestick (Entry Level -low grade $40), Fire TV (Good -mid grade $70), Nvidia Shield (High End – probably the best $200) running Kodi.

Basic technical knowledge (can you use a smart phone? install apps, remove apps, etc.)

To get start after you have a streaming device head over to “Getting Started”

*This will work on all Android OS 5.0+ devices (i.e. phones/tablets/firestick/firetvs/NvidiaShield/ Android devices). There are windows versions of Kodi/SPMC and this will probably work, although we do not support it. Use windows versions at your own risk!