Premium Information

Premium subscription has two parts as mentioned before.

Lets review part 1 of the premium package.

This is a great service for Movies and already aired TV shows (with in 24 hours or so). This service brings you high quality Movies and TV shows with limited or no buffering/lagging. Real-Debrid account is required for this. They are fairly cheap roughly $10 for 3 months unlimited use. You can pay using your Credit Card, bit coins, or Amazon account. You do need an account before you begin. We do ask that you support TurtlesTV by clicking the link below to sign up.

Once you have an account setup follow the process to add the premium feature:

Open Kodi and scroll over to APPS. Click on Authorize RD

Then Click on the first RED Option

You will be presented with this screen

Go to the Real-Debrid website on your phone or computer and enter the characters displayed under the “When prompted enter:”. Once complete do the process again with the second Red Option.

This will provide you with the dedicated High Quality Movies and TV Shows streams.

Important information that you need to know:
  1. Only 1 external IP Address can be in use at one time
    • Let us explain a little better. The average home has a internet provider that provides internet, that provider provides 1 external IP address. When you use a router in the home, the router creates a hub that will issue out internal IP addresses to anyone on your Network, connected to your router. Here is an email, if you have 10 devices on your router they are all using a different internal IP address but share the same external IP address.
  2. Why does this matter?
    • Lets say your at the coffee shop watching TV/Movie using TTV on a device with a Real-Derid account paired to it. Then at home someone wants to watch TV/Movie also on TTV with a paired Real-Derid account. You now have 2 different external IP addresses using the same Real-Debrid account. This goes against Real-Debrid terms and conditions and the accounts get banned.
  3. What do you?
    • Either make a different account at Real-Debrid or just use it when no one else will use it.

Remember you can have many devices in your home on the same network using the Real-Debrid services. 1 account for 4 bedrooms isn’t a problem as long as they are all connected to the router. Remember more devices takes more internet bandwidth.

Let’s briefly explain internet bandwidth:
Lets say you have a garden hose filling up your pool, its going to take while because the diameter of the hose will only allow a certain amount of water to go through. If a fire house is used then the pool gets filled up much faster due to the diameter of the hose. More bandwidth!

Internet Bandwidth measured in “mb”. Your internet connect 100mb down = average, 200mb down = good, 300+mb down = best.

We find 2 devices using 100mb connection is fine no issues or lagging but if you find kids playing games on gaming consoles while you are trying to stream TV/Movies in 2 rooms you might want to think of upgrading your connection if you experience lagging/buffering.

Lets review part 2 of the premium package.

This is a service that integrates into Kodi/Turtles TV. To see the estimated list of channels click here

To sign up go to  select package and wait for activation email.

We know it looks sketchy but its not, its probably the best service out presently.

Once you get the activation email enter your info into the Vader login screen when you open up Kodi.

Quick run down:

  • TV Guide will need to be refreshed every 3 days, restart the device.
  • Matchcenter is Sports pass
  • VOD is video on demand, previous aired shows
  • Force 5 allows you to get only 5 simultaneous logins at 1 time. (5 devices at 1 time) VOD counts as 2 logins so be careful.

For help/trouble shooting we are here click here