Trakt (DVR)

In this tutorial we are going to take a look at and how to use it. We like to think that Trakt is not only of tracking what you watch but also your personalized DVR or DVR’s depending on how you setup the “lists”.

You must have a account. The service is free and legal.

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Quick Intro to Trakt is a free service that let’s you organize your favorite TV shows and movies and keep track of what  you’re watching. It integrates with a lot of popular media center software and you can use it from your browser or smart phone. We are going to focus on two specific Trakt features: Collection and Lists.

The Collection: it’s similar to the library on Kodi, here you’ll add your favorite shows and movies.

  1. To view your collection select Collection from the Profile Menu on the top-right corner.
  2. Use the Filter to select Shows or Movies.
  3. You can Sort the results by Title or Date.

Lists (DVR): You can create your own custom lists here, Trakt comes with a default Watchlist you can use to add all the shows and movies you’d like to check out.

Example how this can be used is List 1 = Adult Shows, List 2 = Children Shows. When you click on the list inside TTV it will only populate those shows.

  1. To view your lists select “Lists” from the Profile Menu.
  2. Add new lists using the “Add Lists” button.

To add a show to your collection using select “TV” from the Top Menu and click on the green book button located under the image of your preferred show.

  1. Use the buttons under each Show to “Mark as watched”, “Add to Collection” or “Add to a List”.
  2. You can search for specific shows or movies using the search box.
  3. Click on Trending or Popular to explore new shows.

Be aware that the Watchlist is meant to be a temporary list, this means that the movies and shows on this list will be automatically removed once they are marked as watched. On the other hand, the Collection and custom lists are persistent.

Try adding a couple of shows to your collection and check out the other features to familiarize yourself with Trakt. Once you are ready let’s switch to Kodi intergration.